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MEDIA - 3D Printmedia Assemblage

DIMENSIONS - H24" x W24" x D3"

The Americana Series - emerged from the past two years of travel and documentation of US cities and all the features of a city that make it unique to the American culture. Plus, an invested interested in architecture, urban design, and how cities function based on their geographical locations. My initial interest was to instill a sense of homage to each experience and to increase the preservation of cultural objects that have formed the identity of these remarkable cityscapes. 

While emersed in the design and composition phase of my findings, I quickly realized that a unique sense of light defined each location with a blending of architectural styles which formed a very unconventional compositional experience.  These factors became the guiding force in my work, emersed in Illusory forms of space and light, dramatic scale shifts of perspective, and theatrical arrangements defining the structural building blocks. From this blending a new holographic interpretation emerged. 

Assembly Methodology & Materials: 

Media and process for these works include: All images are digitally photographed then enhanced and altered using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  Images than are printed using both lithographic and large format printing processes.  Once printed, all individual images are extrapolated (cut out), then reassembled in varying height and perspective configurations, (very much like assembling a puzzle but having the freedom to alternate the actual positioning).  Each assemblage is dimensional creating a fascinating play on light, shadow and depth.  


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