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Skyscraper - Think of the Vitruvian factors as the corners of an equilateral triangle, or better, the legs of a tripod called architecture. None can stand alone; each is dependent upon the other two to form the work of architecture. This work was inspired by this and also with my particular interest and fascination with architecture structures by revealing the beauty of the inner mechanisms that hold them together. The concept behind this work is based equally on both an additive plan which is often asymmetrical shapes and parts and a divisive plan which is often symmetrical shapes and parts. This work unifies both generative complex three-dimensional forms with simple solid shapes as the building blocks coming together to form one combined structure.

It is a work about the richness of surfaces, about the extraordinary range of visual possibilities that is possible in three dimensions, using materials usually valued for their power to disappear. My goal was to create a picturesque structure which combined both asymmetrical shapes that are, dynamic, colorful, and visually energetic with more formal elements that are symmetrical, quiet, usually monochromatic, and simply acting as decorous elements. Space is common to all the formal arts, but as a general rule painting represents space; sculpture displaces space; and architecture encloses space, usable space. In large part with the themes of transparency and luminescence, I wanted to merge all these ideas into a work that would reveal to the viewer something unexpected that typically goes unnoticed.

Assembly Methodology & Materials: 

•Conceptualized with 3D vector design in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop including superimposed photographic and hand generated elements. 

•Structural Matrix fabricated from various interlocking wood and plastic parts.

•Printmedia created using both digital large format print and offset lithography - including found then modified printed matter.

•This particular work also employs mixed media elements such as plastic, aluminum, copper and steel.


MEDIA - 3D Printmedia Construction

DIMENSIONS - H48" x W48" x D5"



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