The Commemorative -  work came about from the idea of - first, commemorating an 80th birthday by celebrating the special moments, people and places. Second, 
establishing a genealogical path from the origns of ones life while tracing a connecting network of lineage from one’s identity defined by kin network of individual achievement and geographical location, political boundaries, migration trends, and historical socioeconomic or religious conditions. After 80 years of life, my exploration tried to understand not just where, when and how people lived, but also special transitions in 
lifestyles and family growth which also helped determine all the necessary elements of ancestral evolution and, the images that I believed to be of most importance in constructing this commorative memoir. 

What I found fascinating about the process in assembling this work was the haunting effect that seemed to emerge without any intention of trying to incorporate. The arrangement of each individual, the intense glace and expression, the gestures of stance and position, clothing and hair styles, stacked up against selected city scapes, were all contributors to the final effect that emerge on its own.  I also chose to emphasize areas of this work in three dimensions to amplify even more the spatial compostion and theatrical space. This created a hallographic-like, depth of field while enforcing the composition even more.

Assembly Methodology & Materials: 

•Site specific photographic documentation including gathered archived photographs.

•Conceptualized with Adobe Photoshop and reassembled using 3D vectored elements 
created with Adobe Illustrator. This included superimposed photographic and digitally
generated elements. 

•Structural Matrix fabricated from various interlocking wood and plastic parts.

•Printmedia created using both digital large format print and offset lithography - including found then modified printed matter.

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MEDIA - 3D Printmedia Assemblage

DIMENSIONS - H24" x W20" x D3"