The Elements that sustain life are, Fire, Water, Earth, Air - and the fifth element, Spirit as its center.  Each of the first four elements represents one of the four directions. Air is the east, Fire is the south, Water is the west, and Earth is the north.  The elements teach us about ourselves. Fire, Water, Earth and Air represent our minds, our energy, our emotions, and our bodies.  The circle of the elements helps us to remember to consider the whole, not merely one part as this forms the ultimate balance.  While all four are present, Spirit is the center and what we call conscience, character, intuition, or the small voice inside - an invisible element but the strongest of all. 

ELEMENTS - (Fire-Water-Earth-Air) These works were created using a variety of 
techniques and methodologies including conceptualizations emerging from CAD software, offset lithography and mixed media found inclusions, all assembled within a constructed three dimensional matrix. Each work places specific emphasis on its element with connection points to the entire quadratic. 

Assembly Methodology & Materials: 

•Conceptualized with 3D vector design in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop including superimposed photographic and hand-generated elements. 

•Structural Matrix fabricated from various interlocking wood and plastic parts.

•Printmedia created using both digital large format print and offset lithography - 
including found then modified printed matter.

•This particular work also employs mixed media elements such as plastic, aluminum, copper and steel. 

More Work

MEDIA - FOUR - 3D Printmedia Constructions

DIMENSIONS - EACH - H36" x W36" x D4"

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